Silverlight will be supported till 2021

Windows 8 supports it, Windows Phone 8 works with it. Silverlight will be supported till 2021.

Based on this analysis, Microsoft made the decision to put our Silverlight controls into maintenance mode as well – in fact, already forked the code. It not be providing any new functionality for our Silverlight controls but will provide maintenance updates to fix any issues as and when necessary.

Despite the fact that WPF is proof that there is hope for software that is having a near death experience – Silverlight is almost certainly beyond rejuvenate.

Keeping customers guessing is no way to run a business yet it is a common occurrence in the software industry in general and for Microsoft in particular. As already mentioned it is clear to any reasonable person that Silverlight is dead and you could not recommend it for a new project

Application frameworks like Silverlight and Adobe Flash have had their day: HTML5 and JavaScript are rapidly becoming the in fact web application framework.


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