20 HTML5 Tools for Designers & Developers

One of the design goals for HTML5 is to support for multimedia on mobile devices. New syntactic features were introduced to support this, such as video, audio and canvas tags. More and more of the web’s legacy sites are switching to this markup language due to its functionality and ability to create responsive web design, and HTML5’s involvement in new sites.

HTML5 also introduces new features which can really change the way users interact with documents. As the HTML5 is going round the world many tools are developed to make life easier and rapid development of the application.

HTML5 implementation is not as straightforward as it may seem for new and inexperienced web designers. Web developers or designers can operate effectively with good HTML5 tools. Here are the list of 20 HTML5 Tools for Designers & Developers

01. Sublime Text

sublime text

Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a $70 license must be purchased for a continued use. This is a simple yet powerful advanced text editor for code and markup but it is not design view level. If you dig in just a bit, and you’ll be able to find built-in plugins, clever auto-completion tricks, and more. To add HTML5 syntax and snippets to it, you need to install HTML5 bundle.

02. BlueGriffon

A decent free alternative to Dreamweaver

This is a good free WYSIWYG content editor for HTML5, which lets switch between source code and WYSIWYG preview. Even if your web document is created with another editor, BlueGriffon will import, recognize and help modify it in an easy way. The tool also allows you to embed HTML5 audio or video elements directly into the code.

03. Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is still a great HTML5 tool

Adobe Dreamweaver is the most used HTML and powerful authoring tool for responsive website design. It combines a visual design surface and a code editor. Together with free HTML5 Pack extension like bootstrap, this tool provides more options, allowing web developers to easily create, deliver and optimize HTML5 content for diverse desktop and mobile platforms. Dreamweaver is available as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud 2015, with plans starting from US$19.99 per month.

04. HTML5 Maker

HTML5 Maker
Add interactive elements with HTML5 Maker

There are many ready templates of all topics and sizes and an awesome clipart collection. With a free account, you can create one animation with a watermark on it. Premium plans start from $4.99 per month.

This tool makes it easy for web developers and designers to add interactive elements to their website with the help of HTML,CSS3 animation and JavaScript. With this tool, you may create stunning interactive banners, animations, slideshows.

05. HTML5 Reset

HTML5 Reset

This tool lets web developers and designers to rewrite their old website designs in HTML5 coding. The package is hosted on GitHub as well as HTML5 Reset WordPress theme, which includes semantic HTML5 markup, CSS declarations for the basic WordPress elements, a widget-ready sidebar, iQuery, and built-in analytics.

06. Bootstrap


Bootstrap is a free and open-source tool kit and framework for creating websites and web applications. It offers HTML and CSS-based design templates which you can tailor to your needs. Another alternative is HTML5 Boilerplate, which is along similar lines. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

The tool provides web designers with a great deal typography elements, forms, buttons, navigation, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. To switch to HTML5 doctype, you just need to include it at the beginning of all your projects.

07. Freemake Video Converter

Create HTML5 video out of virtually any format

This free video converter will help web developers create HTML5-ready video. It may turn any desktop video or DVD to three HTML5 compatible formats: MP4/H.264, Theora/OGG, VP8/WebM. All you will need is to upload the resulted videos to your server and copy-paste the embed code the tool provides onto your webpage. That is an ideal solution for websites owners who prefer in-house video hosting to public video services like YouTube or Vimeo.

08. Video.js


Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video. This is also known as an HTML5 Video Player.

09. Google Swiffy

Google Swiffy
Convert your SWF to HTML5 in a jiffy with Swiffy

This is a simple Flash to HTML5 converter available free on Google Developers site. You can upload your SWF file and Swiffy will convert it, and send back with a preview and a link to download the new HTML5 file. With this tool, web developers can reach users on mobile devices, where Flash isn’t supported.

10. W3 Validator

W3 Validator
Ensure your markup is valid with this essential tool

Once your web document is almost ready, you need to check its markup validity. Choose HTML5 as a document type and insert your webpage URL. The tool will test your code and show all errors and warnings in it if any. It’s absolutely free.

11. HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please helps you to search for a feature that you want to use and find out how to do so. For instance, type video and you’ll see the full list of useful resources about supporting browsers and devices, syntax peculiarities, general recommendations how to use this tag. If you think that the recommendation is incorrect, you may edit it and send a pull request.

12. Font dragr


This tool allows web designers to easily test custom fonts without the need for any CSS. All you have to to do is drag and drop the font. The bookmarklet button provided by the tool lets test any font from your file system, in the gallery or on any website.

13. Chrome Console

Chrome console

One of the simplest solutions for HTML5 coding is Google Chrome console. Go to a website, hit F12 and start coding straight away. The console lets customize any web elements on the webpage and immediately preview the changes. The device emulator is also indispensable for testing designs on various gadgets.

I hope this toolkit list will help you create stunning HTML5-based websites. Please share in the comments your favorite apps and software which do the same.

14. CreateJS

Create rich interactive content with these tools

This is a suite of open source libraries and tools to create rich interactive content. The suit comprises four main libraries which can work completely independently, or matched, and some related tools. For example, EaselJS lets work with graphics and interactivity using HTML5 Canvas. SoundJS provides HTML5 audio playback on different browsers and devices.

15. Chart.js


Chart.js easy, object-oriented JavaScript charting library with HTML5 canvas for designers and developers. It currently supports 6 chart types (line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area) and all this comes in a standalone.

16. Animatron


Animatron is a simple and powerful online tool that allows you to create stunning HTML5 animations and interactive content. It lets you import artworks, SVG or images, drag objects from library, create custom shapes with Pathfinder, split project into multiple scenes, draw with drawing tools, import sound and adjust animation with timeline.

17. INK


Ink helps you quickly create responsive HTML emails that work on any device & client. You can reach out your tentacles to a broad range of people who subscribe to your emails. The CSS framework helps you craft HTML emails that can be read anywhere on any device.

18. Google Web Designer


Google Web Designer is for creating interactive HTML5 sites and ads. It is a modern WYSIWYG where you don’t need to dive into the code but use the features to get the output and the tools are mostly design-oriented.

19. RazorFlow


RazorFlow is a HTML5 dashboard framework from JavaScript data visualization company FusionCharts, aims to give developers a way to build effective, cross-platform HTML5 dashboards quickly without manual workflows.

20. moqups

Moqups is an HTML5 tools for designers to create wireframes for web & mobile.


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