Take color inspiration from the masters and brand your logo/website

Take color inspiration from the masters and brand your logo/website

There are 16 million colors. And out of those, we need to choose one color for our website as our brand.

Everything will root from this single color. So it is very important to choose a perfect color for your brand.

How to choose a starting color

Just picking a color from the green would be quite easy, but that is not right way. For any project while dealing with clients, you should really justify as many choices as you can.

Don’t think more just make sure the reason behind your choice of color.

Choosing a Base color

Just going to Photoshop color picker to find some shades of color doesn’t go well. A great designer need not be a creative but who can sense good design and selective.

Dribbble is great portal for color schemes where more designers upload designs and color palattee. We need choose right colors for our brand.

There are many websites like Color CC (once called Kuler), coolors, colorlisa and ColourLovers have given us a way to store and share our favorite palettes. These are an invaluable resource. Once in a while, though, we can’t help but look to the masters.

Colorlisa is the good to color palattee, now scroll down to find your favorite color combination.

That’s it to get inspired work on your own branding colors. color palette feels right for the source material

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