UX Design within Pokémon Go

UX design is different comparatively to other mobile apps. While Pokémon has been around for decades, having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, there has never been anything quite like Pokémon Go game. It launched on July 6th and has been an unprecedented success with over 21m downloads in the US. The game hit Number 1 top grossing charts. It  has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The Good

The UX, or user experience, features that are incorporated into the game are similar to many other mobile applications, but at the same time are a little bit different than we have seen before. This is the first-time user experience to include the on-screen tutorial, how features are revealed as well as the player’s thoughts and emotions. UX is more clear before they release and after launch.

UX Design within Pokémon Go and What It Means For Future Mobile Apps

One of the biggest parts of the UX for Pokémon Go is dealing with a mobile game is learning how to play.

The core gameplay, catching Pokémon. This only consists of 2 lines of text and a static message at the top of the screen saying “Catch a Pokémon”. The game encourages people to get up and get moving. While you can catch a few Pokémon here and there around your house, you won’t ever Catch ‘Em All.

From searching online many users come across other players sharing their different experiences on social media. By sharing different experiences players are uncovering hidden layers of content. There are articles which telling users how to play the game and uncovering secrets such as how to get Pikachu as a starter pokémon.

The Bad

From the moment you finally manage to launch the game after attempting to create a profile through sluggish servers, you’re barely given any help on how to interact with the environment.

Pokémon GO’s UX helps it’s virality

It’s hard to say if the user experience was light by design or not, but Niantic have created a user experience that feeds on human curiosity which has made the game go viral. Some elements of Pokémon GO’s UI and UX are clearly poorly thought out the app.

The most crippling negative of Pokemon Go’s UX is awarded to the server issues. All of these issues result in an incredibly frustrating user experience for Pokemon Go players. Not only is it difficult for the user to even start the game, but the interaction flow is broken up by a series of bugs and glitches that disrupt the immersion.

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